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Several recordable and re-writable disc formats have also been added to the DVD family.

The DVD family would be incomplete without recordable versions. CD-Recordable discs were introduced in 1988 and CD-RW (the re-writable version) was introduced about 15 years after the first read-only CD was launched.

Both write-once and re-writable  DVD discs have been developed and all are now available. There are seven different formats all with a capacity of 4.7GB per side:

  • DVD-R (write-once)
  • DVD-RAM (re-writable)
  • DVD-RW (re-writable)
  • DVD+R (write-once)
  • DVD+RW (re-writable)
  • DVD-R DL (dual-layer)
  • DVD+R DL (dual-layer)

Both recorders and discs for these formats are now available and include PC drives, video recorders and camcorders. More hardware will be available and prices are expected to continue to fall. Compatibility is an issue as not all formats will play on existing DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.

Meer informatie m.b.t. de DVD-R standaard kunt U vinden op de website van het DVD Forum. Informatie omtrent de DVD+R standaard kunt U vinden bij de DVD+RW Alliance.

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